Decorative stone is a very popular material to use around your home or pool...

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Natural &

Unmatched in beauty, natural wallstone offers a unique one of a kind element to your outdoor scape...

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The word originates from the Middle English “bulderston” defined as a natural rock too large for a person to move...

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Landscaping design has multiple aspects, from horticultural elements, natural stone, Hardscape retaining...

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About Lamanna Stone

Lamanna Stone is a family business that began in 1986. It began with a landscape construction business. Owner and operator, Vince Lamanna, knew he could open a supply yard that would do a better job than the places where he was buying product. With a clear vision and a lot of hard work, Lamanna Stone came to fruition. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the store has grown and is far from “just a stone yard.” We have expanded into many product lines, and carry everything from fountains to arbors. We have a great variety in our inventory and constantly stock new items. We also see trends before they happen.

Our ultimate goals are to sell quality products for better prices than elsewhere and consistently give quality service. We work with homeowners to help take their project dreams and make them reality. We offer contractor pricing to homeowners who arrange for material to be shipped direct, saving them money. We are dedicated to helping novices with their landscape projects. So, stop going to the big box stores and getting low quality products that do not last or are constantly discontinued. Check us out instead.

We promise to make your job easier.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide a exceptional service and quality
  • The areas largest selection of natural stone
  • We have an extensive assortment of garden decor
  • We can save you money

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