Natural Stone/Bluestone

Unmatched in beauty, natural wallstone offers a unique one of a kind element to your outdoor scape. Durable, classic and timeless, natural stone can be the perfect centerpiece to any landscape. Bluestone is a term rather than a geological term to define a medium grained dark heavy rock. In the US, most often bluestone is commercially known as Pennsylvania Bluestone.

Wallstone is generally 1-4” thick, irregular in shape and semi-smooth on top and bottom.

It is used primarily to build walls; generally 1 pallet yields a 28’ x 1’ high wall. It can be used for patios. Yield depends upon thickness of stone on pallet and the installer. We stock a variety of colors and types.

Pennsylvania Bluestone is non dimensional and thickness is about 1 ½“. This material is available in 12” x 12” up to 24” x 36” in 6” increments. It is available in natural cleft 1 ½” plum or variegated blue and thermal gauged 1” or 1 ½” in blue select and variegated blue. Thermal flagstone is flame finished. It can be dry laid or installed in a wet bed. Step treads are also available in bluestone and granite.

Standing irregular flagstone is used mainly for patios and walkways. It is available in 1”-3” thickness and coverage is approximately 140-200 square feet per pallet. It can be dry laid or installed in a wet bed. Coverage will vary depending on the thickness of the material used and the installer. Note: Stone is natural and color can vary from one load to another.

Natural Wall Stone and Veneers


Irregular Flagstone

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